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edward burtynsky sawmills

Edward Burtynsky, Saw Mills #1, Lagos, Nigeria, 2016. Pigment inkjet print, 149.5 x 198.1 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto. © Edward Burtynsky, 2017.   

Art & Ideas: Beauty

We are told that beauty is all around us. Yet it seems at times so hard to find. Why is this the case? Does it arise from a failure on the part of the world? No question: we live in an era of shock and awe, an era mesmerized by the monstrous. Or is our inability to find what we seek a failure on our part?

In this workshop, we combine explorations in the gallery with hands on art making activities as we explore the notion of beauty. Using Kant’s Critique of Judgement as our model, we’ll try to slow down the process to explore what happens from the moment we first see a painting, a sculpture, a movie, a person, or an idea, to the moment we pass judgement on its aesthetic value.  Where do we look first? What do we consider next? How do we distinguish between what is beautiful, what is interesting, what is pretty and what just is not? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? How do institutions shape and configure what we perceive? We take up these questions as we focus on beauty.

Facilitated by philosopher-instructor Wendy O’Brien.

This workshop meets in the Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School. Participants must be 18 or older. Suitable for beginners.

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Fridays, - | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (5 weeks)



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