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Thank You! Mille Grazie!

On Saturday November 17 we brought the artistic and eccentric spirit of the Marchesa Luisa Casati alive at the second annual AGO Art Bash--and did we ever have a delightful and memorable time! Thank you to all of our supporters and guests for helping us raise important funds to support AGO exhibitions and programs.

table settings at art bash 2018

Augustus Edwin John, The Marchesa Casati

Augustus Edwin John. The Marchesa Casati, 1919. Oil on canvas, 96.5 x 68.6 cm. Purchase, 1934. © Art Gallery of Ontario


You might know her from one of the AGO’s most beloved paintings—a visitor Top Ten (left). The Marchesa Luisa Casati was, for the first three decades of the 20th century, Italy’s most significant patron of the arts and artistic muse.

An heiress to millions, she threw the most lavish and exotic costumed parties that attracted icons of the art world from across Europe and America to her Palazzo dei Leoni on the Grand Canal in Venice (now home to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection) and later at the Palais Rose in Versailles.

La Casati, as she was fondly known by Venetian locals, was as mysterious as she was alluring. Her appearance and fashions were always astounding, influencing many designers in the century since. Her rebellious behaviour (such as walking her pet cheetahs on jeweled leashed) shocked European society and her love of art fueled the careers of ground-breaking new Modern artists.

Art Bash! Casa Casati will take La Casati’s incredible and illustrious personality and parties as the avant-garde inspiration for this year’s event.


2018 art bash committee



Marianne Guizzetti and Kathy Houde-Lovas


Vicky Bacardi, Susie Belton, Dean Bender, Sonja Berman, Aldo Cundari, Marlene DelZotto, Lisa Eaton, Andrea Federer, Angela Feldman, Ira Gluskin, Beth Horowitz, Gale Kelly, Deborah Lau-Yu, Myles Mindham, Sherri Neldner, Anjli Patel, Lisa Rothney, Laurel Sussman, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Liz Tory, Owen Tseng, Robin Turack



Broadbent Sisters

(W) Omen: A Performance In Three Acts

In homage to Marchesa Casati, the Broadbent Sisters create a spectacle of mysterious performances in three acts, involving telepathy, mystical readings, and unfolding rituals. The sisters' work is guided by feminine intuition and fuses fashion, sculpture and pop spirituality. Large scale projections of their experimental film, and lavish costumes help channel the spirit of Casati. Costume in collaboration with Jamie McCuaig

The Broadbent Sisters are multidisciplinary artists based in Toronto. Rose and Joy are actual sisters that infuse mythology and wonder into their practise, Clearing Spaces. Their wide range of mediums has put them on an international platform, with award-winning work. Side by side, the sisters symbiotically create all of their work together. They find collaboration to be a unique venue for distilling the essence of form and exploring telepathic ways of creating.

Generously supported by Lead Patrons: Allan Slaight & Emmanuelle Gattuso

Di Carlo Couture

At the heart of Montreal's Little Italy, lies Antoinette Di Carlo, founder of signature haute couture label, Di Carlo Couture. With a passion for Haute Couture dress designing Di Carlo Couture captures the essence of elegance & femininity that women seek. From the intricate beading and exemplary seam detailing, Di Carlo's craftsmanship finesse resonates timelessly throughout the elegant fabric of her gowns. With a skillful blend of innovation and high caliber workmanship, Antoinette Di Carlo offers a genuine & evolutionary design service.  Beginning with a one on one consultation, Di Carlo sees to a custom experience.  Antoinette's creative sensibility is intuitive. Using the finest fabrics from around the world, Di Carlo continues to inspire & dress red carpet & aisles internationally

(photo credit: Christina Esteban Photography)

Maryam Keyhani

Hats She Would Have Worn

‘It’s rare to have a muse like Casati who could pretty much handle any hat. These pieces are made as an extension of one’s character and hers was glorious! Hats to both hide and shine under.’ Maryam Keyhani is an artist and a hat designer who lives and works in Toronto.

Generously supported by Lead Patrons: Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin

Rebecca Ladds

Dream of the Woman Made of Fruit

In a series of short animations, Rebecca Ladds’ monochromatic analogue drawings will for the first time move into the digital realm. In order to highlight the dark, mystical and sensual feminine undertones in everyday commonplace objects, imagery of hands, fruit, sculpture, flowers and animals are choreographed into stream-of-consciousness style narratives. These moving collages become virtual spaces for symbolistic meditation and nourishment—digital reliquaries for a new kind of holy artifact.

Rita Tesolin

Rita Tesolin is a renowned Toronto jewelry designer who began designing her one-of-a-kind statement pieces with precious and semi-precious stones.  The clusters give brilliance to her collections, capturing light and intensity.  She expanded into the realm of costume jewelry years ago and continues to follow her imagination, using different mediums to express herself.  The luxuriously bold pieces are the brand’s transcendent trademark. Officially launching her designing career in 2003, Rita Tesolin was quickly labeled the “Stone Angel” by Elle Canada.  She later joined its “Hot 100” list and was later named “The Costume Queen” by Flare Magazine She has collaborated with some of the finest Canadian Clothing designers and has been featured in countless magazine editorials.  Rita continues to impress with spectacular, ground-breaking, one-of-kind jewelry and art projects year-after-year.

(photo credit: Chris Nicholls)


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Art Bash! Casa Casati is sold out, thank you to all our generous supporters!




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