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Norma Ridley Members' Lounge Menu

Soup of the day 7.5

Small plates
Marinated olives and nuts 8

Cheese plate 12
Selection of Canadian artisanal cheeses

Baba ghanoush & naan 10
Roasted eggplant, tabbouleh, crudités, house- made potato chips

Roasted squash and beet salad 17
Arugula, frisé e, winter pear, blue cheese, cider vinaigrette

Grilled shrimp tostada 19
Grilled shrimp, drunken pineapple salsa, cabbage slaw, cilantro,
corn tortilla, avocado smash

Smoked salmon flatbread 18
Capers, red onion, dill crè me fraî che, arugula, lemon

Roasted red pepper & artichoke tart 17
Gruyè re, basil, paprika oil – served with fresh market greens

Ofelia’s Grace 17
Zucchini ribbons, baby spinach, tomato, fennel, radish,
l emon- walnut pesto, mixed spiced nuts

Stuffed portobello 18
Roast chicken, basil crema, black bean, peppers, spiced chili sauce
served with fresh market greens

Bruschetta palette 17
Anchovy- caper spread, goat cheese, pickled vegetables, charcuterie,
sun-dried tomato pesto, fresh baked bread

Wine 5 oz.
Riesling, Thirty Bench, Canada 12
Peach, pear and lemon with refreshing acidity

Chardonnay, Adamo Estate, Canada 12
Green apple, pineapple and starfruit; full mouth feel

Viognier, Domaine Magellan, France 11
Floral, complex with notes of apricot and low acidity

Sauvignon blanc, Casa Marin, Chile 12
Melon, kiwi and grassy notes with balanced acidity

Prosecco, Fattoria Conca d’Oro, Italy 12
Green apple, banana and acacia flower, velvety

Merlot, Trius Winery, Canada 11
Medium bodied, fruit forward and soft tannins

Cabernet Sauvignon, Kingston Estate, Australia 12
Ripe dark fruits, lifted spice and firm tannins

Aperol spritz 12
3 oz.Prosecco, 1.5 oz. Aperol, a splash of soda, bitters,
and an orange twist

Mimosa 12
A classic lunch staple. 3 oz.Prosecco, 2 oz. fresh
orange juice

Rhyme and Reason 7
Saint of Circumstance 7
Mill St. Organic 7
Mill St. Tankhouse 7
Blanche de Chambly 7
Waterloo Dark 7

Coffee & Tea
Espresso 2.25
Double Espresso 3.25
Sloane Fine Teas 3
Americano 3.25
Cappuccino or Latte 4.25

Assorted soft drinks and juices are also available.

V=Vegan, GF=Gluten Free

menus are subject to change without notice, due to product availability prices exclude applicable taxes & gratuities

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