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Inspiration From Within

RBC’s new video series From Within profiles five emerging Canadian artists, giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their practice and personal inspiration.

Darcie Bernhardt

Darcie Bernhardt. Image courtesy of RBC. 

Since 2017, RBC has been an AGO Signature Partner, and for many more years, has been committed to elevating the art community, most notably, emerging talent. The RBC Emerging Artists Project supports the arts and the role they play in building vibrant communities and strong economies. By partnering with top organizations in the areas of dance, music, visual arts, theatre and literature, the project has built numerous initiatives geared towards providing opportunities for up-and-coming creatives. Most recently, RBC has developed an exciting new video series entitled From Within, which profiles five of Canada’s notable emerging visual artists, giving viewers an intimate account of the inspiration that guides their practice.

Jagdeep Raina 

Jagdeep Raina has an interdisciplinary practice in Guelph, Ontario, that spans drawing, textiles, writing, as well as video animation, photography and ceramics. Raina’s artistic approach hinges on in-depth research, with a goal of dismantling homogenous ideas of history/historical memory. In his From Within segment he discusses his unique work with Phulkari, a traditional Punjabi style of embroidery. 


Anique Jordan

Anique Jordan is an award-winning Toronto-based artist, writer and curator who looks to answer the question of possibility in everything she creates. For From Within, Jordan shares her perspective on the sacredness of her cultural influences, the importance of documenting/archiving, and the concept behind her new piece memorializing a Black Canadian hero. 


Marigold Santos 

Marigold Santos pursues an interdisciplinary art practice in Calgary, Alberta, involving drawn, painted, and printed works, sculpture, animation and sound. Through her work, Santos seeks to explore her Filipino ancestry by depicting characters from narrative folklore with her own abstract and surreal flare.   


Darcie Bernhardt 

Darcie "Ouiyaghasiak" Bernhardt is an Inuvialuk/Gwich'in artist from Tuktuyaaqtuuq, Northwest Territories. Her painting practice has primarily focused on the narrative of domestic life in the North stemming from memories of home. For From Within, Bernhardt speaks about her grandmother’s important influence on her life and the intergenerational principles of her art.   


Caroline Monnet 

Caroline Monnet is a multidisciplinary artist from Outaouais, Quebec, working primarily in visual art and film. In her practice, Monet explores the grey zones and border spaces between worlds. In recent years, she has been using various construction materials in her work as a way to comment on the isolation faced by Northern Indigenous communities in Canada.      

The perspectives and insights highlighted in From Within showcase the important and varied voices of emerging Canadian artists, and reiterate RBC’s commitment to elevating the art community which enriches and inspires us all. 

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