Art Pick of the Week: Ethiopian Art, 1400–1900: A Living Culture

Every week we’re sharing one of our favourite artworks from the AGO Collection. ICYMI the first time we shared this story, this week's art pick features two pieces of Ethiopian art from the Middle Ages.

Huge news: Warhol blockbuster on its way

A major exhibition of works by the Pop Art icon is coming to the AGO in spring 2021. It may be a way off, but it’s not too early to get excited!

Be water, my friend

In Liquidity Inc., Hito Steyerl shares priceless yet practical lessons from nature’s oldest teacher: water.

Painting a bestseller

The bestselling children’s book Meet the Group of Seven was written by two AGO employees 20 years ago. This winter we celebrate its reprinting, just in time to wish the Group a happy 100!

Talk future to me

Our fall lineup of future-focused talks was enlightening, to say the least. Just in case you weren’t around, we’ve got it all on video for you.

Art Pick of the Week: The Bird Shop, St. Lawrence Street

Every week we’re sharing one of our favourite artworks from the AGO Collection for you to see on your next visit. If you need directions to find it, simply ask when you arrive!

Snuggle up at AGO All Hours

Gather ‘round the campfire! Students from OCADU are about to give us a lesson in hygge-inspired coziness at the January 25 edition of our all-day, all-ages event.

Breaking news: Ken Lum wins the Gershon Iskowitz Prize!

Vancouver’s Ken Lum has been awarded a $50K prize and solo exhibition at the AGO for his outstanding contribution to visual arts in Canada.

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