Genuine human compositions

Indian photographer Bhupendra Karia travelled 80,000 miles to document authentic moments of humanity. Four prints from his body of work are part of the exhibition Documents, 1960s – 1970s.

Re-centering with RISE

Members of RISE Edutainment joined us via Facebook Live for a conversation about how they’ve thrived as artists and youth leaders for the last eight years. 

Compiling the Black future

The multitalented Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham join us for a conversation about their new book, Black Futures. AGOinsider connected with them to find out more.

A Q&A with Scorpion Dagger

Acclaimed Canadian animator James Kerr re-mixes Renaissance art and real life in his hilarious, often autobiographical GIFs.

A tactile experience

Michael Nyarkoh, a Toronto artist, producer and co-creator of Tone Study magazine, shares how he’s boldly celebrating print in a digital age.

Burst of life

Toronto artist Gloria C. Swain, whose robust lifestyle is defined by abstract art and activism, is featured in AGO Art in the Spotlight.

An otherworldly body of work

African-American photographer Ming Smith creates stylistically unique documents of Black life.

Serpentine symbiosis

Toronto artist Lauren Pirie paints murals that showcase the connection between humans, Mother Nature and the divine.

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