Chef Renée’s tomato and cheese galette

What to do with all those Ontario tomatoes? Galette a load of this recipe!

Elder influence

Anishinaabe painter Norval Morrisseau is one of the most influential artists in Canadian history. Find out why.

Futurist history

Toronto artist Quentin VerCetty’s contest-winning sculpture design tells the story of a Black Canadian hero.

A change of pace

Kitchen of the Knothole by Canadian landscape artist, Doris McCarthy, is coming to the McLean Centre this fall.

Audio magic

This program is available in DV, for the visually impaired. The AGO's Assistant Curator of Community Programs shares why.

Have We Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole?

Long-time AGO art instructor and education officer, Carol Matson, relates to her current body of work, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in his books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, during these times of disorientation and questioning.

Teaching walls

Multidisciplinary artist Tannis Nielsen shares insight about her monumental mural project in the Lower Simcoe Street underpass.

(Re)enacting a legacy

Meet British opera singer Peter Brathwaite, whose knack for recreating portraits is as important as it is entertaining.

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