Movers, shakers and harpsichord makers

Meet a Toronto couple with an unwavering passion for harpsichords.

The value of worldliness

In an era of polarization, how can we better understand each other? An upcoming AGO symposium featuring Miho Hatori explores mondialité, a theory of French thinker Édouard Glissant.

#RetroAGO: Lining up for Lismer

Some things change, but hot tickets have always been worth the wait! Today we line up for Yayoi Kusama, and in 1929 it was art classes with Arthur Lismer.

Art pick of the week: Metamorphosis

Every week, we’re sharing one of our favourite artworks for you to see on your next visit to the AGO. ICYMI the first time we shared this story, this week’s Art Pick is Tim Whiten’s breathtaking work, Metamorphasis.

100,000 reasons to cheer

It’s been six months since we launched the AGO Annual Pass, and more than 100,000 people have joined the AGO community already!

AGO Kids React: Early Rubens

Kids are so honest! See what happens when we show some grade sixers a few amazing works by Peter Paul Rubens.

Sculptural greatness you can't miss

December 1st is your last chance to see solo exhibitions of work by Canadian contemporary artists Valérie Blass and Kara Hamilton.

Late Breaking acclaim for one of Canada’s best

Canadian author K.D. Miller’s new collection of short stories was inspired by the AGO’s exhibition of works by Alex Colville, and critics are loving it. 

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