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The first in a new gala series that rediscovers history’s most celebrated art parties, Art Bash! The Factory revives the disruptive spirit of Andy Warhol and his silver-clad studio.

Over $1M Raised! Thank you to our generous supporters for making the inaugural Art Bash! a smashing success and to all our guests for bringing the disruptive spirit of Andy Warhol alive. Read more here.

New York, 1960s: Andy Warhol’s silver studio, The Factory, was a favourite romping ground for the art world’s most interesting and radical people. By day, studio assistants fueled the mass production of what would become some of Warhol’s most iconic works. By night, artistic revolutionaries, promising future talents and poetic thinkers descended upon Manhattan for The Factory’s legendary parties. It was a wondrous atmosphere imagined by artists where creativity flourished and everyone was a star.

Toronto, 2017: Art Bash! The Factory brings together the city’s most passionate art lovers to rediscover Warhol’s disruptive spirit. Flashing lights and flickering silver fill the AGO as our own factory of visionary artists captivate eyes and imaginations. Together, we will raise important funds to strengthen our collections and exhibitions, grow audiences and access to transformative experiences, and remove barriers to welcome more curious minds at the AGO.




Saturday, November 18
Art Gallery of Ontario
317 Dundas Street West

6:30pm | Cocktail Reception
8:00pm | Dinner
9:30pm | Dessert and After Party


Ira Gluskin and Marianne Guizzetti


Vicky Bacardi, Greg Belton, Dean Bender, Sonja Berman, Aldo Cundari, Marlene DelZotto, Lisa Eaton, Andrea Federer, Angela Feldman, Karen Gruson, Beth Horowitz, Kathy Houde-Lovas, Gale Kelly, Myles Mindham, Sherri Neldner, Laurel Sussman, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Liz Tory

What to wear? Creative Black Tie.

Chic and classic mod like The Factory's swanky squad. Or contemporary couture that pushes fashion boundaries like Warhol's radical art. Get your style inspiration on our Pinterest board.


The AGO's north facade looking east


a woman photographing artwork on a wall

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 1
people gathered in walker court

Sandy Pranjic/AGO

art bash 2017 slide 13
jim fleck with donated warhol soup can prints

Sandy Pranjic/AGO

art bash 2017 slide 14
two polaroid cameras

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 2
two people posing in front of artwork

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 3
a woman holding a photo

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 4
artwork by couzyn at art bash

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 5
a line of people posing in front of an artwork

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 6
a woman looking at models posing

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 7
people seated around a table

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 8
a view of art bash from the dj booth

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 9
stephan jost speaking at a microphone

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 10
two people posing in front of artwork

George Pimentel Photography

art bash 2017 slide 12



Mathew Guido

Eye Candy 

Mathew Guido brings together his unique aesthetic for exciting compositions and commercial viability with international retailers, labels and publications. As a magician of light, Mathew’s hauntingly beautiful portraits are fearless in exploring and illustrating the complexities of human emotion.

Jacqueline Mak

Andy Warhol in Pieces

Art Director turned full time Digital Collage artist, Jacqueline’s work mixes found images in provocative and political, yet comical ways. Taking collage to the next level, her pop art GIFs offer a hint of the past in this disruptive art format. ​​​​​​

Jennifer Rowsom

Factory Photo

With a nod to Warhol and his obsession with Polaroid, guests will be photographed against the Factory photo wall with a camera that produces one-of-a-kind instant prints. ​​​​​
Presented by RBC Emerging Artists Project

Tobias Williams and Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery

No Name City

Working in digital animation and printmaking, Tobias explores the hidden ideological and aesthetic qualities of mass-produced products. No Name City depicts a series of digitally animated “no name” products floating across a yellow void, rising as precarious miniature towers and collapsing under their own weight. Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery, a nomadic artist run centre, uses a mobile advertising truck to present the work and its luxuriant three-dimensional rendering of 'No Name brand's ubiquitous products.


Collection Highlights

Designers Andy Long Hoang and Tinashe Musara employ a whimsical and unpredictable philosophy that embraces their varied backgrounds to create collections that express distinct forms, shapes and attitudes. Their fashion is as radical as Warhol's art while offering subtle hints to the Factory era's fashions

Ness Lee

Live Illustration

Ness Lee is an illustrator at heart, but like Warhol, has expanded her craft into other media, namely ceramics, painting and sculpture. Her mesmerizing works deal with notions of intimacy and self-love as she explores and echoes emotions of vulnerability, discomfort and acceptance.

Presented by RBC Emerging Artists Project

Couzyn Van Heuvelen


Couzyn is a contemporary Inuk artist whose work explores Inuit culture and identity, new and old technologies, and personal narratives. This work reimagines the avataq; a traditional hunting float made from one full sealskin that has been inflated with air, plugged, and tied off.  

AGO Youth Council

AGO Youth Council with artist Alicia Nauta

Alicia Nauta is a Toronto artist working with collage, screen printing, installation, wallpaper, books and zines. Alicia worked with the youth council to collaboratively create four unique print designs inspired by pop art patterns—and each guest at Art Bash! gets to take one home!



Art Bash! The Factory received spectacular interest and sold out very quickly. Please contact us to inquire about waiting list opportunities and find out about next year.




For more information about AGO Art Bash! please contact artbash@ago.net

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