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AGO Massive Exposure

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January 29 - February 29

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March 1 - April 16

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@ 9:00 pm - 1:00 am

Art Parties

AGO Massive Exposure

Thursday, April 16, 2020, 9 pm - 1 am

Co-Chairs: Daniel Abichandani & Deanne Moser


To the photographer, exposure speaks to the amount of light reaching the film or sensor. It can be determined by shutter speed, lens aperture, and scene luminance. Photographs are created by light. It’s what we measure, record, process, and display.

But on a more personal level, exposure is about experiencing something, leaving yourself open to the elements, being impacted by them, being vulnerable. We are who we are based on exposure. Who and what have we exposed ourselves to. How much we expose of ourselves. And how much we put out there and shed light on.

Exposure to the light offers clarity, insight, and understanding of the world and of ourselves. Without it, we are nothing. So where do you fit in? Are you the photographer or the model? The light or the darkness? Do you feel overexposed or underexposed? GET INSPIRED!



Together for one night only, AGO Massive features immersive art installations, performances from Toronto’s most promising creators, DJs that will get you moving, and irresistible food and drink.

AGO Massive is an important fundraiser that supports our mission to bring people together with art to see, experience and understand the world in new ways.


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