Multisensory Museum: Chloe Typert-Morrison

A painting of a landscape. Leafless trees can be found along the horizon with a pink sky above. A lake is in the mid-ground surrounded by a shore made from rocks and orange nondescript flora.

Tom Thomson. A Northern Lake, Spring 1916. oil on composite wood‑pulp board, Overall: 21.6 x 26.7 cm. Gift from the Reuben and Kate Leonard Canadian Fund, 1927. © Art Gallery of Ontario 848


@ 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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Multisensory Museum: Chloe Typert-Morrison

Friday, August 6, 11 am
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How can artists and designers create more multisensory experiences? OCADU Graduate Students in response to an Inclusive Design Multisensory Museum Course share their co-creative process of translating artworks in the AGO collection into multisensory objects. Students explore a wide variety of techniques to create an inclusive gallery experience in a series of Multisensory Museum Moments.

In this program, Chloe Typert-Morrison shares an immersive, accessible and digital interpretation of Tom Thomson’s A Northern Lake (1916). Transporting the viewers inside of the painting and into the tranquil scenery of Algonquin Park, she highlights each sense through a tactile room, an aromatic and flavourful tea, and an app that provides ambient auditory sounds and further details about the painting.

Chloe is pictured in this photograph. She stares into the camera. She is depicted with red lipstick, wavy blonde hair with pink highlights and a dark shirt with pink accents. She is represented against a grey-beige background.


Chloe Typert-Morrison (she/her) is an User Experience designer from Toronto. As a self-proclaimed people enthusiast, she is passionate about helping others through design and is currently pursuing her masters in Inclusive Design at OCAD University.


Closed captioning is available in this recording.

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