Multisensory Museum: Kalina Nedelcheva

A painting of Arthur Lismer's wife, who sits on a stone along the shore of a lake. The painting is imprecise, created from large marks of colour. The wife wears a purple shirt, yellow hat with a purple ribbon and holds a book. The water around her is dark green with light blue flecks.

Arthur Lismer. My Wife, Sackville River, Nova Scotia, 1918. oil on panel, Overall: 22.7 x 30.6 cm.. Gift of the artist, Montreal, 1951. © Art Gallery of Ontario 50/48


@ 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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Multisensory Museum: Kalina Nedelcheva

Friday, August 27, 11 am
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How can artists and designers create more multisensory experiences? OCADU Graduate Students in response to an Inclusive Design Multisensory Museum Course share their co-creative process of translating artworks in the AGO collection into multisensory objects. Students explore a wide variety of techniques to create an inclusive gallery experience in a series of Multisensory Museum Moments.

In this program, Kalina Nedelcheva presents a translation of Arthur Lismer's My Wife, Sackville River, Nova Scotia (1918), with the goal of facilitating accessibility for guests who have accommodation needs or prefer multi-experiential ways of learning. For the subject's body, Kalina uses a wooden mannequin, dressed in clothing that is painted with broad acrylic brushstrokes and is intended to communicate the feeling of the painting's impasto technique. The figure is propped on a real rock with a background scrim that contributes to the ambiance. Audiences are invited to indulge in the additional elements of sound, taste, and smell that whimsically hint at Fall.

This photograph depicts Kalina. She stares into the camera. Kalina wears a white shirt and is depicted with brown hair and bangs. The background is a light gray with no distinct features.


Kalina Nedelcheva (she/her) is a Bulgarian-born, Toronto-based artist, writer and emerging curator. Currently in her first year of the Criticism and Curatorial Practice MFA at OCAD University, she is exploring the dynamic educational potential of the exhibition space. 


Closed captioning is available in this recording.

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