Missing Associates, Lily Eng and Peter Dudar

Missing Associates, Lily Eng and Peter Dudar, Lily Eng, Solo Improvisation, Documenta 6 (film still), 1977. Video, 12:27 min., b&w, sound.


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March 12, 2017, 4pm
Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

Television's Human Nature
Tom Sherman, 1977. 28 min., video, colour, sound
A passively aggressive performance where two 'model' home viewers watch themselves consumate the intimate relationship between the television audience and the medium itself. Featuring Peter Melnick and A.S.A. Harrison. Originally broadcast on Rogers Cable 10/Metro Cable 10, Toronto, Canada. Television's Human Nature represented Canada at the Venice Biennale, 1980.

Susan Britton, 1976. 12 min., video, b&w, sound
An endless choreographed embrace accompanied by a processed version of Stefan Grapelli’s famous tango “Jealousy.”

Performance (Untitled)
Tom Dean, 1974, 18:30 min, video, b&w, sound
The performance consists of three integral parts: A duet from the seduction scene of the opera Don Giovanni sung with chanteuse/artist Marshalore, a solo tap dance to the music of "School Days" by six girls in costumes painted by Dean, and a three-round boxing match. The production establishes an altered relationship to the event, the camera recording Dean in close proximity and witnessing as well as the awakening and conflicted response of the audience as an apparently light-hearted performance assumes a darker colouring. The performance was recorded live at the Musée des art contemporains, in Montreal, Canada, and subsequently edited by Dean from footage of both performance and rehearsal.

Lily Eng, Solo Improvisation, Documenta 6
Missing Associates, Lily Eng and Peter Dudar, 1977, 12:27 min., video, b&w, sound
This is a pure improvisation performance presented at Documenta 6, Kassel, Germany, as part of Joseph Beuys Free International University. This work showcases Lily Eng’s fluid improvisational performance discipline, demonstrating her ability to move on spur-of the- moment thought. Eng’s give-and-take body-mind process, both uniquely intense and authentic, is coupled with heightened and sustained awareness as it propels her performance. Re-mastered in 2011.

The Myth of the Fishes
Rhonda Abrams, 1985. 7:30 min., video, colour, sound
A woman enjoys her first fishing trip, until a fish is caught and she is pressured into killing it. Fishing is a common activity that provides a rare opportunity for the hands-on experience of killing.

Making a Scene
Martha Davis, 1984, super 8, colour, sound
Offers passersby the opportunity to don a mask and become either an elephant or a mosquito. A look at people's inhibitions.

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