AGO Makes: Summer Edition

Discover FREE curated art activities for kids and families to enjoy online this summer, including artmaking videos, fun ways to engage with the AGO Collection from home, colouring cards, special activities, as well as interviews with special guests. No registration is required and all ages are welcome to create!

AGO Makes: Summer Edition is brought to you by our Studio Learning Team and Children & Youth Artist Instructors.



Engage with art through play, and let your imagination run wild! Check out the activities below and learn to play with stamps and printmaking, challenge yourself with a “spot the difference” game, stretch yourself like artist Evan Penny, create your own artist trading cards (with a Surrealist twist!), transform a simple box, build your own playground and much more. And remember, creating a perfect final product isn’t the goal. The goal is pure creativity.

Don’t just make art. Play with it!



This week, look around you and get inspired by what you find! These awesome activities are all about transforming things that may not seem like art materials...but add a bit of creativity and wow! You’ve made a masterpiece! Use your body to make a sculpture (strike a pose!) and build structures big and small using unconventional materials. Recreate iconic works from the AGO collection at home and create art inspired by the sounds around you. 



Look up! Look down! Now, look ALL AROUND.

Take a few minutes to see, smell and feel the land that surrounds you. When you hear "landscape" what do you imagine? You might picture rolling hills or perhaps clusters of trees and rocks. This week, we're going beyond the traditional and inventing new ways of seeing the land around us. We'll have fun in the sun and get to know the animals that walk the earth with special guests from the Toronto Zoo! We'll also make flowers, and maps - both on paper and in our memories.

What does land mean to you?



When opposites combine you get a burst of new and exciting ideas!

This week let's make art that's fast and slow, big and small, light and dark, inside and outside! We’ll get inspired by the expansive night sky and imagine teeny tiny worlds, melt some Cool Sculptures, make our artwork pop with complimentary colours, harness the power of the sun and the protective nature of the shade.





Show us your AGO Makes: Summer Edition artwork and join our online gallery!



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