Kids life drawing

Life Drawing

Age 8-10

Using the AGO collections as inspiration, children are introduced to the fundamental skills and techniques of drawing. Students explore concepts such as line and contour, perspective and proportion, light and shadow, gesture and more while experimenting with an exciting variety of artist's tools, media and contemporary techniques for expressive and imaginative mark-making. Materials may include pencil, charcoal, conte, oil and chalk pastel, and watercolour. In this course we work with a combination of still life objects and fully-clothed life models. 

This class is for beginners and returning students. The instructor will teach to each student's individual skill level.  All materials are included. Meet in the Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School.

Please review the Terms and Conditions of Participation  prior to the start of class.   

No class on October 9th. 


Week 1: Scratch Art Self Portraits. Play drawing games, explore line and contour drawing techniques and create scratch art portraits using crayons and black paint. 

Week 2: Sketching Objects From Nature. Find patterns in the artwork of K.M. Graham and Christi Belcourt.  Learn pencil crayons techniques and sketch outside if weather permits. 

Week 3: Abstract Portraits. Look at portraits by Picasso, Mikalene Thomas and African masks. Create an abstracted portrait from multiple perspectives that shows emotion using oil pastels and watercolors. 

Week 4: Stretching Proportions. Learn the proportions of the face and look at portraits by artist Evan Penny.  Create a reductive drawing with erasure using conte and make a small sculpture out of modeling clay, exploring exaggeration. 

Week 5: Experimental Mark Making.  Explore shading to create the illusion of 3D shapes on 2D paper. 

Week 6:  Still Life. Explore dutch vanitas paintings from the 17th century and explore techniques for creating volume and form with colour. Create an oil pastel still life of natural forms on black paper. Students may bring in a few favorite things from home to use as the subject of their still life, for example favorite toys or your favorite pair of shoes or sunglasses.      

Week 7:  Contemporary Still Life. Look at work of contemporary artists exploring still life and learn acrylic painting techniques to create the illusion of depth.                                                   

Week 8: Body Proportions: Learn sketching techniques using an artist mannequin. Compare and contrast how the body is represented by Henry Moore and August Rodin. Create gestural drawings inspired by sculptures and then wire sculptures inspired by your gestural drawings.                                                   

Week 9 & 10: Drawing from a live clothed model. Gestural drawing. Thinking about movement, form and line through gestural drawing and contour line drawings. Option to create wire sculpture or fully shaded drawing inspired by the models final pose. 

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Sundays, - | 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (10 weeks)

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