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Painting Explorations: Watercolour

Age 11-13

With the AGO's collection as inspiration, young artists will learn a variety of traditional and non-traditional watercolor painting techniques and skills. Students will develop an awareness of colour, shape, texture and form while learning to express themselves through the art of watercolour painting. 

This class is for beginners and returning students. The instructor will teach to each students' individual skill level. All materials are included. Meet in the Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School.

Terms and Conditions of Participation 

Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to the start of class.


Week 1: Watercolour Techniques. We will explore watercolour and what it can do together. Through guided exercises, students will explore various techniques of the medium like gradients, masking, dilution, wet on wet, wet on dry, salt additives, mixed media and various surfaces.

Week 2: Abstraction in watercolour. Following a gallery visit to look at contemporary art, students will be asked to render a specific mood, feeling, emotion or energy as an abstract watercolour painting. The focus of this exercise will be on brushwork, colour, form without any real representational elements.

Week 3: Go Big or Go home. Following a visit to the Denyse Thomasos: just beyond exhibition, students will return to the gallery school to create large-scale watercolor paintings that represent their own surroundings and environments. 

Week 4: Study Time. Students will work on sketches and studies of more intimate, still life subjects. Working from physical objects, students will hone their observational skills and create paintings. The focus of this class will be of value, texture and more detail oriented work.

Week 5: Self Portraits. Students will each create a dynamic, expressive, creative self portrait that represents who they are as an artist and individual. Working primarily in watercolour, other mediums may be introduced as well. All styles and approaches are welcome and encouraged.


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Saturdays, - | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (5 weeks)

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