Side By Side Online

Ages 4-6 with an Adult

Saturdays 10:00am - 11:00am
May 8th - June 5th (5 weeks)

Instructor: Olia Mishchenko

Members $190 / General Public $220 (5 weeks)

Have fun getting creative, learning about the AGO collection, and making art alongside your young artist. In this online course, children with an adult caregiver will explore exciting artmaking techniques and learn how to reinvent art materials while working on individual and shared projects.

This class is programmed for 1 adult and 1 child to take together. 

Terms and Conditions of Participation in Online Courses.

Classes are subject to cancellation three days before the start of the course

Students to provide their own materials

Week 1: Magical abstract drawing construction. We will turn our drawings of shapes, lines and colours, into 3D constructions, inspired by the vibrant and playful work of Joan Miró.

Week 2: Yayoi Kusama-inspired Plasticine garden. We will make a 3-D relief picture by shaping Plasticine into spheres and coils.

Week 3: Hand-print creatures and texture painted papers. Get messy this week: paint, draw, create shapes and textures, blend colours. Make room for the artworks to dry and to clean up at the end.

Week 4: Inspired collage, shapes and compositions: Use the texture papers you created and make shapes and compositions from them. Collage artwork of a insect, bird, fish or animal of your choice, inspired by the beautiful illustrations by Eric Carle and artwork by Kenojuak Ashevak. 

Week 5: Paper pop-up sculpture; 3-D park construction inspired by Alexander Calder.

We will combine drawings with 3-D constructing to create an imaginary play park.


Pencil HB or 2B

Large paper 12” x 18”, 1 per participant

Construction paper – variety of colours, 9” x 12”, 20 sheets or 1 pad

Stiff white paper (cardstock or similar) 8.5” x 11”, 18 sheets

Finger paint set – 6 colours

Finger paint pad (12” x18” or similar)

Paintbrushes  –  1 small and 1 large

Regular pencil 2B or HB

Plasticine – a set, or separate blocks – yellow, red, green (aprroximately a  small apple size amount of each colour for each person)

Markers set

Wax crayons set

Scissors, glue stick

Pipe cleaners – assorted colours 10

Optional – oil pastels if you already have them

Additional household items that will be useful:

Newspapers or kraft paper to use to protect areas when painting.

Cardboard rectangles or cut up cereal boxes – save and reuse.

Bubble wrap pieces, sponge pieces, popsicle sticks, Q-tips,

Wax paper sheets (or a bit of wax paper from a roll)

Plastic food wrap film – (cling wrap) for painting activities

Pen caps or small cylindrical objects, plastic or metal fork to create texture.

Some yarn

Paper plate and paper cup


child painting with adult
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