Life Drawing ONLINE

Ages 8–10

Saturdays 3:30pm - 5:00pm
March 27th - May 1st (5 weeks)
(Skipping April 3rd for Easter)

Week 1: Drawing games; exercises in line and shape. Explore Dutch vanitas paintings from the 17th century. Oil pastel still life of natural forms.

Week 2: Drawing exercises; experimental mark-making and exploring value to create form using conte. Inspired by Mary Hiester Reid <ital>A Study in Greys<ital>.

Week 3: Techniques, concepts and the face: blind contour, line and reductive drawing, nondominant hand portrait, proportions of facial features.

Look at the AGO Collection: Who is represented and how are they portrayed?[2570]=2570&page=0

Look at the paintings by Mickalene Thomas.

Week 4: Proportions of the body: Compare and contrast how the body is represented by Henry Moore and August Rodin. Gestural drawings inspired by sculptures. Aluminum foil sculpture inspired by gestural drawings.

Week 5: Drawing from a model. Look at the painting <ital>The Marchesa Casati<ital> by Augustus Edwin John. Gestural drawing;  two- to 15-minute-long poses. Contour line drawing.


Objects for students to draw:

Week 1: A flower, leaf or plant

Week 2: Varying shapes; three or four, such as a small ball, a vase, a glass, a cup or a bottle

Week 3: A mirror and stand to create a self-portrait. Must be able to look in the mirror and draw your own face at the same time.

Sketchbook or lots of paper 9” x 12” or larger

Four pieces of black paper approx. 9” x 12” (construction or drawing paper)

Ultra fine point Sharpie marker or another fine point felt tip marker in black (micron)

HB Pencil

White eraser

Pack of oil pastels (12 colour set is ideal)


Paper towel or tissue

Black and white conte sticks (B or 2B)

White pencil crayon

Kneaded eraser

Roll of aluminum foil

Instructor: Jessie Jakumeit

Ages 11–13

Sundays 1pm - 2:30pm
March 28th - May 2nd (5 weeks)
(Skipping over April 4th for Easter)

Week 1: Introduce yourself and share a piece of recent artwork with your classmates. Working with Shadow Shapes and Perspective: Create a stylized drawing of the room they are Zooming in from. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s <ital>The Bedroom<ital>.

Week 2: Drawing humans: explore ways of representing the human body. Inspired by the work of Inuit artist Shuvinai Ashoona and working from photographs we will have a 20-minute drawing session.

Week 3: Creating dimension and depth: Using the AGO’s Boxwood Collection as inspiration we will practice these techniques. We will also explore the concept of “small wonders” and how we can elevate things (even small things), depending on how we choose to represent them artistically.

Week 4: Portraiture: Using mixed media (at least two or three materials) students will explore some of the techniques for creating portraiture and produce a self-portrait that will tell their viewers a story about the subject.

Week 5: Daring animals: Looking at various Canadian landscape/wildlife artists, students will explore how drawing from life can support their creation of fictional characters, as well as “real” ones.

Students are encouraged to have the following:



Black, or dark coloured; pen (micron, Sharpie, black ballpoint, whatever you like best)

Watercolour paint or Gouache (a set of any variety of colours)

Soft tools (try for at least two from the list ): crayons, charcoal, oil or chalk pastels (or regular chalk)

If you have materials in your home that are similar to the ones on the list, that's completely fine! Students will work mostly with materials they’re already comfortable with.

Instructor: Heather Lapp

Terms and Conditions of Participation in Online Courses.

Classes are subject to cancellation three days before the start of the course


instructor with student in life drawing class, model in background
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