Since 1965, The Art Gallery of Ontario's Art Rental & Sales has consigned artwork from Toronto's top galleries and independent artists. Our entire rotating inventory is available for rent and purchase. All Art Rental & Sales proceeds benefit AGO public programs and artists directly. 

We are pleased to consult at your convenience, helping you determine the best artwork for your space and budget. Based on your feedback, we'll create a custom electronic portfolio to fit your needs. Update your space with new art every three, six or twelve months. Planned rotations, coordinated installations and deliveries are available. If you need assistance getting artwork to your location and onto your wall, we can arrange for qualified art technicians and installers to deliver and hang the work in your space.


We’ll come to you and create a curated portfolio of artworks that fit your environment and budget. Art starts a conversation. Invite your staff and clients to enjoy your transformed space.

Artwork has been evaluated by AGO art consultants. Rental fees can be expensed rather than capitalized, and may be tax deductible.


For more information contact:
AGO Art Rental & Sales
416-979-6660  ext. 6346

IMAGES: [1] Artwork on wall: Lynne Schumacher, A Walk in the Woods, acrylic on canvas, 40”x60”. Photo by: Maria Martin [2] Lilian Crum, Untitled XIII, 2013, Sumi ink on paper, 50” x70” [3] Tessar Lo, beam, back, black, blue, mixed media on canvas, 60’x48” [4] Joanna Johnston, Doree, archival print on acrylic dibond mount, 60” x 40” [5] CA Henry, Clear Day Portage, oil on canvas, 36”x48” [6] Claire Desjardins, First Day of Fall, acrylic on canvas, 40”x34” [7] Sarah Letovsky, Side Eye, oil on canvas, 36”x30”



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