Art Toronto Opening Night 2018

A Benefit for the AGO

We came, we saw, we bought art! On Thursday, October 25 art enthusiasts, collectors, artists and gallerists celebrated Art Toronto Opening Night 2018. Our warmest thanks to the sponsors, donors and guests whose contributions helped raise $527,000 to support AGO programming as well as to acquire works of art at the fair to enrich the AGO’s permanent collection.

Party guests were the first to find out (and check out) what the AGO had acquired. Through funds raised at the event held on October 25, along with AGO acquisition funds, our curatorial team acquired two exciting new works . Re-Invaders: Digital Intervention on an Emily Carr Painting (Indian Church, 1929) by Ligwilda’xw Kwakwaka’wakw artist Sonny Assu and field II, June 27 –Sept. 7, 2017 from Toronto-based artist Ken Nicol.

To mark the Opening Night, guests were also treated to an exclusive performance of Morphology by Adandam Dancetheatre. Throughout the evening a group of 10 performers explored the social space of Art Toronto’s Opening Night, starting with individual performances that examined the gaze and subtle movements of conversation and people coming together. These gestures grew and evolved into a more expressive and dramatic performance as the dancers came together into small groups. The piece culminated into a frenzy of motion and emotion as all 10 performers come together to close the event.




Heather Partridge and Daniel Rechtshaffen


David Angelo, Jeanne Banka, Emily Ben-Haim, Simon Bentley, Olivia Cinqmars, Simon Clements, William Craddock, Angelica Demetriou, Tamara Fine, Karen Gruson, Taiga Lipson, Liza Mauer, Kelly McCray, Judith McKay, Deanne Moser, Mia Nielsen, Natasha Peterson, Susannah Rosenstock, Stephanie Roy, Nikola Rukaj, Lauren Silverberg, Heather Simpson, Susan Wortzman, Juliana Zalucky

Honorary Committee Member: Cathy Bisset-Parkes

Birds eye view of the Art Toronto booths


art toronto seen from above
Art Toronto 2018 photo1
the AGO booth at art toronto 2018
Art Toronto 2018 photo2
ago acquisition at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo3
an ago acquisition at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo4
the bar at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo5
art toronto sparkling wine
Art Toronto 2018 photo6
a performance at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo7
a food station at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo8
people looking at a rack of magazines
Art Toronto 2018 photo9
a hallway of booths at art toronto 2018
Art Toronto 2018 photo10
people chatting at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo11
people chatting at art toronto
Art Toronto 2018 photo12


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