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Artful Conversation

Artful Conversation is a volunteer guided gallery experience that takes place on the second Friday of the month. The conversational tour explores the AGO collections in depth. Please meet in Walker Court at 1:30 pm. This program is not offered in the month of August (subject to volunteer availability).

Claire Scrivens: Tom Thomson....and the Group of Seven

February 8, 2019
1:30 pm in Walker Court

Tom Thomson has long been considered an important, fascinating, world renowned Canadian artist. His mysterious death ahs often overshadowed his art and his accomplishments. We'll explore the AGO's collections, while thinking and talking about how the members of the Group of Seven were influenced by his work.

Clarice Thornton: Art and Truth - Seeking the Universal

March 8, 2019
1:30 pm in Walker Court

Some art allows you to see beyond the literal and invites you to examine truths about the human condition from a universal perspective. Although each age and culture creates a unique context for art, some artists take you behind the curtain of their time, revealing feelings and ideas that link us all and inspire wonder. We will look at devotional sculpture from the Baroque, portraits from different ages, landscapes, and abstract art.

Tina Urman: Where Are You?

April 12, 2019
1:30 pm in Walker Court

Whether looking at a Group of Seven landscape or a Punu African Mask, it's interesting to consider how we fit into a work of art. Where are you standing? What does it mean to you? What emotions and memories are evoked? These are but a few ideas to consider while bringing pieces to life in a creative and personalized manner, allowing us to better understand the artist's intent.

Together we will tour various works including Marc Chagall's Over Vilebsk, Rebecca Belmore's Rising to the Occasion, Edgar Degas's Woman at Her Bath, James Tissot The Shop Girl and Lawren Harris's Lake and Mountain.

Mary Henderson: Picasso to Pistoletto

May 10, 2019
1:30 pm in Walker Court

We will discuss how the figure is represented as artists explore new ways to express themselves.

Clarice Thornton: Contrast - Beyond Good and Evil

June 14, 2019
1:30 pm in Walker Court

Contrast in art can happen in any number of ways. Good and evil, yin and yang, life and death, growth and decay - these are only some of the many contrasting ideas that require an artist to not only consider their subject but also the elements and principals of art. As we examine various artworks throughout the gallery, we will discuss how artists manipulate visual elements to emphasize contrast and illuminate their themes.

PLEASE NOTE: Artful Conversation cannot accommodate school groups and ELL groups; such groups are strongly encouraged to book a private tour through our Group Sales Department. Please call 416-979-6608, email, or book online at

volunteer discussing a painting with visitors
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