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Accessibility at the AGO

The AGO is committed to providing a welcoming and accessible destination and workplace. We embrace the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity to serve our visitors, staff and volunteers, and our community at large.

Read about our Commitment to Accessibility, our Customer Service Policies for visitors with disabilities, and our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Group Visits and Accessible Programs & Workshops

The AGO invites visitors of all abilities to experience our collections in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Find out more about Access to Art Group Visits.

The AGO also offers a variety of Accessible Programs and Workshops

Plan your Accessible Visit


The AGO is wheelchair accessible. Street-level access to the AGO is available through our Group Entrance, open during all public hours. Wheelchairs and walkers are available to visitors on a first-come first-served basis or may be reserved in advance of your visit. Wheelchair FAQ.

Please click here for the reservation form.

Support Persons

A support person accompanying a visitor with disabilities will be allowed to stay with the visitor at all times and will be provided with free admission to the AGO. AGO Policy on Support Persons

Service Animals

A service animal may accompany a visitor to all public areas of the AGO. AGO Policy on Service Animals

Front of Line Service

Visitors with disabilities and their guests will be brought to the front of line for immediate service. AGO Policy on Front of Line Service

Large Print Materials

Large print visitor maps are available at the Information Desk. Other large print materials are available upon request.

Assistive Devices and Medical Supplies

While the AGO has strict rules on items allowed in gallery spaces, special permission may be granted for assistive devices and medical supplies needed by visitors with disabilities.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

The AGO works to decrease the amount of scents in the building by using unscented cleaning products. AGO staff can assist visitors with MCS by providing information about the times and days when our galleries are less busy. We can also direct you to areas where there are fewer visitors once you are at the AGO and advise you of areas that have been recently painted.

TTY Telephone Service

TTY Telephone Service is available at one of the pay phones in near cafeAGO, Concourse Level.

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