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COLOUR-full shorts

still of cat and boy from the film The Big Adventure of Little Line

Atoine Robert, The Big Adventure of a Little Line (film still), 2016. 7 min, colour, sound.

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COLOUR-full shorts

Monday, February 19, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Celebrate Family Day with this program of animated shorts for young audiences celebrating colour, design, and really really long lines.


Dir. Fernán Graziano  
2015 | digital | colour |sound | 1min  
Cyan, magenta and yellow mix things up. 


Dir. Helene Letourneur
2016 | digital | colour |sound | 3mins  
Autumn is in a hurry to paint her colours on the world before winter shows up and obliterates all the colour with his bland frosty whiteness.


Second Sun
Dir. Leslie Supnet

2014 | 16mm transfer to digital | colour |  sound | 3mins 
Leslie Supnet describes this trippy short film as “a post-apocalyptic imagining of the birth of a new sun.” It’s ok to stare at – will not damage eyes.


The Big Adventure of a Little Line
Dir. Antoine Robert
2016 | digital | colour |sound | 7mins  
One day, a boy finds a little red line on the street and puts it in his pocket. The line turns out to be ALIVE! Adventures ensue.


Lines Horizontal  
Dir. Evelyn Lambart & Norman McLaren  
1962 | 16mm transfer to digital | colour |sound | 5mins  
In this mesmerizing abstract short film, lines move around against a background of changing colours, in response to music by folk musician Pete Seeger. This might feel like forever but is really only five minutes.

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