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Hands-On Centre

At The Dr. Mariano Elia Hands-On Centre, you'll find art-making and creative play activities for the whole family, from our youngest learner on up! We always have fun in the Hands-On Centre: art-making, constructing, storytelling, costume play, making new friends and exploring. Listen to a story, dress up and act out the story, play a game or make a little storybook yourselves. Programs change frequently and are exhibition based, and our team of facilitators is ready to support creative family learning time together.

Located on the concourse level of the Gallery in the Weston Family Learning Centre.

Admission to the Hands-On Centre is included in your General Admission ticket, or free unlimited admission with your family membership.

Valentines for a Cause

February 1st to 14th, daily during opening hours
Dr. Mariano Elia Hands-On Centre

The AGO will be partnering with 8 different groups of women from the world that work provide support for women and girls living with HIV for two weeks of Valentine card-making for the whole family to enjoy. Each family can make cards for themselves and cards to be sent to women living with HIV.

This activity is organized in conjunction with of Love Positive Women, an annual holiday for women living with HIV that happens on an international scale annually from February 1 – 14. Love Positive Women creates a platform for individuals and communities to engage in public and private acts of love and caring for women living with HIV.


Children will make 2 Valentines – one for their family/friend/special person - and 1 for an HIV Positive woman. We have boxes for makers to deposit their second valentine into, located under the Hands-On east window. The places we are our sending cards for Love Positive Women are: Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (Toronto); Positive Living Society (Vancouver); Positive Women (Ukraine); National Federations of Women Living with HIV (Nepal); Jamaican Community of Positive Women (Jamaica); and Lean on Me (Kenya).

Please join us to make a valentine for this worthy cause.

To find out about other amazing Love Positive Women events in Ontario or get to get information on women and HIV check out the Ontario Women’s HIV/AIDS Initiative.

children making art in WFLC

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