Our Board of Trustees

2023/2024 Board Members


  • Rupert Duchesne, C.M. (CF)


  • Rupert Duchesne, C.M. (CF)
  • Jay Smith (CF)

Vice Presidents

  • Camillo di Prata (CF)
  • Andrew Federer (ON)
  • Liza Mauer (CF)
  • Jay Smith (CF)


  • David Binet (CF)
  • Lorne Gertner (M)
  • Marianne Guizzetti (ON)
  • Beth Horowitz (M)
  • Michelle Koerner (M)
  • Zun Lee (M)
  • Josée Letarte (M)
  • Councillor Ausma Malik (T)
  • Leslie McCarley (ON)
  • Carol McNamara (ON)
  • Neda Moeini (M)
  • Kenneth Montague (ON)
  • Mazyar Mortazavi (M)
  • Liza Murrell (M)
  • Gordon Nixon, C.M., O.Ont. (M)
  • Tawfiq Popatia (ON)
  • Councillor Jaye Robinson (T)
  • Judy Schulich (ON)
  • Sarah Scott (ON)
  • Eleanor Shen (ON)

Ex Officio

  • Gale Kelly, Chair, The AGO Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Ankesh Chandaria, AGO Volunteer Representative

Trustee Emeriti

  • A. Charles Baillie, O.C.
  • Ivan Fecan
  • James D. Fleck, C.C.
  • Tony Gagliano
  • Anthony R. Graham
  • Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
  • Robert J. Harding, C.M.
  • Michael Hasley
  • Ydessa Hendeles, C.M., O.Ont.
  • Rosamond Ivey
  • Frederic L.R. Jackman, C.M., O.Ont., C.D.
  • Michael M. Koerner, C.M.
  • Richard Rooney
  • The Honourable Hilary M. Weston, C.M., C.V.O., O.Ont.
  • Robin Young

AGO Staff

  • Stephan Jost, Michael and Sonja Koerner Director, and CEO
  • Erin Prendergast, Corporate Secretary

(M) Trustee, elected from the Membership
(CF) Trustee, appointed from the College of Founders
(ON) Trustee, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
(T) Trustee, appointed by the City of Toronto

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