AGO Live: Hello From The Other Side

2020 has been a rollercoaster year. Everything we took for granted as stable — the, economy, human touch, the arts — has proven anything but. When the pandemic shut down most of the world in mid-March, and a social revolution began to take place on the streets, we all had to revisit our values and the tenants of our lives. Now, with the AGO's reopening well underway, we want to welcome back our community - with a mix of excitement but also a need to make space for healing and the truths we learned — by rebuilding foundations with generosity, accessibility and democracy. Performance is both the aspect of this return that feels most challenging, as it has to do with people gathering, but is also the most necessary.

This Fall and Winter, each Friday between 2 and 4 pm, we welcome partners from across the city to use the Gallery as a site for their programs.

Join us as we invite The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Small World MusicRISE Edutainment, The Canadian Opera Company, and The National Ballet of Canada, partners old and new, that have either lost their seasons or venues, to use our space for month-long takeovers. It will be a remarkable experience of bringing the arts closer together and ensuring we are all participating in the same task: to revitalize the arts in our city.

Before visiting the gallery, you will need to book a timed-entry ticket online. All performances are free with admission, and will follow physical-distancing guidelines.


AGO Live: Hello from the Other side - Upcoming Events


Sorry, no events found. Check back soon.

AGO Live: Hello from the Other side - Past Events


AGO Live: Royal Conservatory of Music
February 5, 12 and 19, 2 pm

The Royal Conservatory of Music and the Art Gallery of Ontario have collaborated on a variety of projects, most recently a series of Sunday afternoon performances in our European galleries.  We wel

AGO Live: RISE Edutainment
December 4 at 6 pm

After the unfortunate postponement of a live performance this fall by the RISE Edutainment community’s specially assembled choir, we invite them instead for an online conversation

AGO Live: UforChange
Friday, November 20, 6 pm

Join AGO Assistant Curator, Sarah Febbraro and UforChange for a conversation and live performance on Friday, November 20, 2020.

AGO Live: The National Ballet of Canada

This event has been cancelled. 

AGO Live: Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Winter 2021

This program is part of the partner series, AGO Live: Hello From The Other Side where we welcome partners from across the city to use

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