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AGOinsider Studio: Antoinette Messam

The renowned Hollywood costume designer joined us on camera to give her take on Sandra Brewster’s current AGO exhibition, Blur.

Insider studio

Image by AGO

In late 2019, the AGOinsider’s Matthew Rolfe sat down for a chat with renowned costume designer Antoinette Messam to speak about Toronto artist Sandra Brewster’s exhibition Blur. Antoinette is a Jamaican-Canadian costume designer and Toronto export who has found great success in the Hollywood film industry, designing wardrobe for major films like Hold the Dark and Creed. As friends and fans of Sandra Brewster, Antoinette and Matthew give their take on Blur, looking for themes, symbols and new insight.

AGOinsider Studio is a series of intimate interviews that offer a window into the fascinating mindsets of a wide range of creatives, on topics of AGO exhibitions, shared experiences, artistic practices and everything in between. Stay tuned for more. 

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