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“You have to see it move!”

Andy warhol collage with leaves and camera

Andy Warhol in Pieces, Jacqueline Mak

Andy warhol collage with leaves and camera
Andy Warhol in Pieces, Jacqueline Mak.

This fall, the AGO launches Art Bash, a new annual gala that pays homage to history’s most celebrated art parties. With a new theme each year, our first edition goes back in time to the 1960s with Art Bash: The Factory, which will bring The Factory, Andy Warhol’s New York City studio, to life inside the AGO. To make the evening really “pop,” Art Bash features the work of some amazing artists.

We recently gave you a sneak peek into the process of Mathew Guido and his Eye Candy series. Next up: Jacqueline Mak, a digital collage artist, whose work mixes images in provocative ways. Jacqueline’s work is both comical and political, designed to make the viewer think critically about issues that affect their daily lives.

Jacqueline is creating a new work especially for Art Bash called Andy Warhol in Pieces, inspired by Pop Art and, you guessed it, Andy Warhol. Since much of Warhol’s work is restricted by copyright, Jacqueline’s research skills were put to the test to reconstruct the iconic artist and his works in GIF collage form. She says herself: “You have to see it move!” to believe it.

We spoke to Jacqueline to learn more about the inspiration behind this project and to hear her take on Pop Art:

AGO: Where do you find inspiration, and why do you work with GIFs and collages?
Jacqueline: Inspiration is everywhere, but surrealism and minimalism have always been at the heart of my work. [GIFs] are an image within an image! The humour and the choppy editing remind me of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

AGO: What springs to mind when you think about Pop Art?
Jacqueline: Simplicity. Minimal but LOUD.

AGO: Can you describe the work you are making for Art Bash?
Jacqueline: Humorous, energetic and surprising! The biggest challenge was finding images that are license-free to remix, adapt and share. So when I did find them, everything else that followed was a surprise. I wanted the collages to be self-sustained, so each one has its own cute little quirks and a tinge of madness.

Art Bash: The Factory will raise funds to help the AGO present the very best in art through a diverse collection and exhibitions program, engage audiences in learning and discovery, and reduce or remove barriers to access for all visitors. Stay tuned as we take you behind the scenes of the party next week!

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