Lucy Lippard on Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse Studiowork @ 288

Eva Hesse Studiowork, 1969; Courtesy of The Estate of Eva Hesse; Photograph by Abby Robinson, New York.

Lucy Lippard on Eva Hesse

September 28, 2010, 9pm
Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

"Even if you didn't know Eva, you'd know more about her than you realized from looking at her work. Because you've been connected somehow. That's one of the beautiful things about her work is that it does really reach out and make a connection." - Lucy Lippard

Lucy R. Lippard is a writer, activist, and curator, and early champion of feminist art. A friend to Eva Hesse, Lippard wrote a monograph on the artist in 1976 that remains an essential  text .
Lippard is the author of more than twenty books on contemporary art and culture, including The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicultural Society (1997) and On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art and Place (1999). Her anthology of texts documenting the early years of Conceptual Art, Six Years: The Dematerialisation of the Art Object, was published in 1973 and is required reading for any student of contemporary art.  

This talk is presented in association with the exhibition, At Work: Hesse, Goodwin, Martin.

Listen to the Talk
Lucy Lippard - On Eva Hesse
1 hour 5 minutes
Writer, activist and curator, Lucy Lippard discusses the monograph she wrote in 1976 about her good friend and artist, Eva Hesse.

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