Anthony Caro, Torrents, 2012

Anthony Caro, Torrents, 2012. Steel (rusted), 244 x 320 x 178 cm. Private collection © Barford Sculptures Ltd. Photo by John Hammond. Courtesy Gagosian.

Anthony Caro: Sculpture Laid Bare

December 10, 2016 – May 22, 2017

Sir Anthony Caro (British, 1924–2013) revolutionized the medium of sculpture in the 1960s when he moved away from making elaborately modelled, figurative works cast in bronze, instead creating large, abstract assemblages out of prefabricated steel and aluminum elements that he installed directly on the ground. Anthony Caro: Sculpture Laid Bare honours the legacy of this titan of modernist sculpture with four of his late works. Monumental in scale, lyrically evocative and openly constructed, these sculptures also foreground their brute materiality and the unvarnished signs of their manufacture. As art and matter struggle against one other, the drama of artistic creation is made physically present and palpable for the viewer.

Curated by Kenneth Brummel, the Art Gallery of Ontario's Assistant Curator of Modern Art, this exhibition marks the first appearance of these works in North America and reflects the AGO's ongoing commitment to the collection and display of modern sculpture. We invite visitors to compare Caro's works with the monumental plaster casts on display in the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre.

Organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario.

This exhibition is included with general admission.

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