Stan Douglas Monodramas, 1991,

Ecstatic Memory

October 27, 1999 - January 2, 2000


Coordinated by renowned Toronto video curator Peggy Gale, Ecstatic Memory is a series of five video programs. Each program, selected by an artist or curator not usually associated with video art, will run for 10 weeks.

June 2–August 8, 1999

René Blouin, director of Galerie René Blouin in Montreal, has selected Birthday Suit – with Scars and Defects (1974, 12 minutes), by Lisa Steele of Toronto.

August 10-October 17, 1999

Doina Popescu, program coordinator at Goethe-Institut Toronto, has selected a program of short works by artists from Eastern Europe:

András Sólyom (Hungary), Funeral , 1992, 7 minutes
Grzegorz Królikiewicz (Poland), The Scythians, 1992, 17 minutes
Milan Bukovac (Croatia), Energy of Tape, 1992 7 minutes
Ladislav Galeta (Croatia), Lieber Zoltan, 1995 Vlado Zrnic (Croatia), The Border of Time, 1995, 13 minutes
Simon Bogojevic Naratia (Croatia), The City, 1993, 4 minutes
Renata Poljak (Croatia), Trost (Grenzen und Rahmen) (Consolation: Border and Frames), 1993, 2:06 minutes
Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland), Beta Nassau, 1993, 9:40 minutes
Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland), Watch Me, 1996 15:15 minutes
(Total running time: approximately 80 minutes.)

October 20, 1999-January 2, 2000

Loretta Yarlow, director/curator of the Art Gallery at York University in Toronto, has selected Hibou II and Les Chiens (both 1994), by Swiss artist

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