DZ Bank, Berlin. © 2006 Thomas Mayer;
Walt Disney Concert Hall. © Gehry Partners, LLP;
Stata, MIT, Cambridge. © 2006 Roland Halbe;
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. © Gehry Partners, LLP;
Millennium Park, Chicago. © 2006 Kenneth Tanaka

Frank Gehry: Art + Architecture

February 18 - May 7, 2006


This exhibition places Transformation AGO within the past ten years of the architectÃs career, featuring drawings, models and site photographs of recently completed projects, along with working models generated through the design of the transformed Gallery.



Toronto blogs Frank Gehry: Art + Architecture

Some of the large models are truly breathtaking, like the interior models of the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. The show gives you some insight into the man's thought process and creativity and it's easy to see why his buildings have inspired a kind of fervour among city planners, architects and clients.
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The models are incredible. I didn’t grasp the fidelity the models Gehry builds. They are amazing. You have to see this exhibit. I didn’t understand that Gehry builds these true to form models as part of his process. The models include finishing details, little people in the rooms, furniture. It’s incredible!
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The Art Gallery of Ontario

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Also opening on February 18 at the University of Toronto Art Centre,

Frank's Drawings: Eight Museums by Gehry - an exhibition devoted entirely to Frank Gehry's drawings, and will include 49 original pen-on paper drawings of eight museum projects. Organized by the University of Toronto Art Centre.

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