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Lost and Farmed

December 19, 2018 - January 2019

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Level 1
Gallery 106 December 19 – 28
Gallery 146 December 19 – January 3

Level 2
Gallery 250 December 19 – January 3

Lower Level (Concourse)
Gallery 006 December 19 – ongoing


AGO Youth Council in collaboration with Micah Donovan

Lost clothing and forgotten objects have been assembled with the purpose of growing edible plants throughout the AGO.

Agriculture, as the word implies, is a combination of play and hope, labouring in living matter, informed by acts both of survival and pleasure. Our choices about agriculture impact living relationships, frequently at the expense of what previously was: space is repurposed, life is altered.

The conservation of artworks presents barriers to hosting living plants within the gallery. The inclusion of plants broadens the discussion of what belongs in museums and the risks museums take to present these works.

The food grown in the Gallery will be harvested when the installations close, and used as toppings for the Youth Council's pizza.

Organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario


Arriving at a future through play, Micah Donovan’s collaborations produced the culinary and sustainable tech television series Food Jammers and Invention Nation. Work on community based sculptures has led to the development of play and pedagogical spaces for school boards, hospitals, and institutions interested in the reintroduction natural and participatory elements; rain for play systems at Evergreen Brick Works, growing food in a movie theatre or wood-fire baking pies on a home made raft on Lake Ontario are to name a few.


Representing a diverse group of youth in Toronto, the AGO Youth Council is run by youth ages 15-24 who are interested in art and the relationship between young people and art institutions. Through a lens of social practice, the program focuses on community building, experiential pedagogy, and contemporary art practices working collectively to initiate programming by youth for youth. Collaborations with artists result in exhibitions, public art projects, interventions, large-scale events, drop-in programs, field trips, walking tours and much more. Relationship building, eating together and sharing life experiences is also a large part of the program. The council accepts new members every fall, and applicants are selected after a group interview involving current members of the AGO Youth Council. Time commitment: one year.

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