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Group of kids and adults making things.

Mindful Makers

October 17, 2018 – August 31, 2019.

The exhibition is located in the Nook by the Weston Family Learning Centre.

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Our new makerspace is for budding artists of all ages to feed their creative impulses. Dubbed Mindful Makers and designed in collaboration with local artist and muralist Cindy Scaife, you’ll find the space downstairs in Weston Family Community Gallery (in between the café and Weston Family Learning Centre). Packed with recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, wood bits and paper straws, It’s a place to build, create and experiment. Right now we’re asking: how can you use your imagination to transform a flat painting into a 3-D world?  For even more inspiration, this iteration of Mindful Makers showcases Canadian painter Tom Thomson’s masterpiece The West Wind. Take a close look and ask yourself: what might it feel like if you were able to climb into this painting? What would you smell? What could you hear? What does the landscape look like beyond the picture frame?

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