Damian Moppett (Canadian, born 1969) Impure Systems (1 of 10), 1999-2000

Damian Moppett (Canadian, born 1969) Impure Systems (1 of 10), 1999-2000 Fuji Crystal archive print mounted on 12" board, edition of 2. Courtesy of Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver © 2002 Damian Moppett

Provisional Worlds

November 20, 2002 - March 2, 2003


Provisional Worlds features the works of seven contemporary Canadian and international artists who use mass-produced objects and synthetic materials in ways that shift our perception of the expendable "stuff" which surrounds us everyday. The prevalence of makeshift, provisional structures and common mass-produced objects in their work reflect a world of rapid transitions and a culture of convenience. The exhibition invites a consideration of new relations between the useful and the useless, and the natural and the artificial.

Provisional Worlds presents the works of: Shirley Tse, Christie Frields, Sara MacKillop, Damian Moppett, Kelly Richardson, James Carl and Tony Feher.

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