AGO Outside: Grange Park


Henry Moore sculpture, Large Two Forms in Grange Park, AGO building in background

Henry Moore, Large Two Forms, 1966–69. Bronze. Overall: 386 x 610 cm. Purchase from the artist, 1973. © Art Gallery of Ontario. 73/8.

Look up at the blue titanium-and-glass four-storey, 140-foot-tall south wing of the Gallery overlooking Grange Park. It is where we exhibit contemporary art and there’s also a space for special events. Architect Frank Gehry’s building beautifully frames the Grange House, which he remembers visiting with his grandparents when he was eight years old.


You’re in Grange Park, the big front yard of The Grange, the manor house from 1817 that’s connected to the back of the AGO. Now surrounded by tall buildings, the park features this Henry Moore sculpture called Large Two Forms. Moore liked to make BIG sculptures! He liked to put them outside, so the change of seasons would change how they look.

Things to do in Grange Park:

  • You can’t always touch artwork, but you can touch the Henry Moore sculpture! Head on over and feel it. Is it hot or cold, smooth or rough? Take a picture with the sculpture.
  • Look at the bright blue building overlooking the park. See, it has a spiral staircase too! Try to draw this side of the building.

If you could design a museum, what would it look like? Draw your museum of the future. What artwork would you put in the park?


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