It's a Super Selfie!

Drawing activity suitable for all ages.

Mary Ann Alabaster, The Artist’s Painting-Room

Mary Ann Alabaster’s The Artist’s Painting-Room

Mary Ann Rebecca Alabaster, The Artist’s Painting-Room, June 12, 1830. Oil on canvas, Unframed: 84.5 x 70.4 cm. Gift of Morton Rapp in memory of Hyman M. Smith, 2008. © Art Gallery of Ontario. 2008/24.

About Mary Ann Alabaster

English painter Mary Ann Alabaster (1805–1880) started painting as a child and continued her entire life. Working with oil paint eventually damaged her eyesight, and she switched to watercolour paint. Working as an artist was not easy for women in the 1800s, but Alabaster did not let this stop her.


Detail detective

How many different items can you see in this room? 

Draw Yourself

What is your favourite room at home? Set up in this room and create your own super-selfie: arrange ten of your favourite items (books, crayons, toys, photographs, etc.) like Mary Ann Alabaster and make your own creative artist’s studio. Be sure to take a selfie. Draw yourself. 

  • If you have access to a printer, print the activity card.

  • If you do not have access to a printer, follow along and draw your artworks using paper you have available at home.

  • Make your artwork as realistic or not as you wish!

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