Shoes Are Sculptures, Too!

Drawing activity suitable for all ages.

Valérie Blass

Ceux qui ne demandent rien

Valérie Blass, Ceux qui ne demandent rien

Valérie Blass, Ceux qui ne demandent rien, 2019. Stool, acrylic gesso, paint, fibreglass and brick. Courtesy of the artist and Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver. Installation view: Le parlement des invisibles, May 18 – December 1, 2019, Art Gallery of Ontario. © Valérie Blass. Photo: AGO.

Ceux qui ne demandent rien (Those Who Do Not Ask for Anything) is an installation by contemporary Canadian artist Valérie Blass, where sculptures of everyday objects such as the boot, a pair of pants and large shoulder bag are placed against the stool to create the illusion of an invisible body. What does the absence of a human figure suggest to you? Do you imagine someone there? Add an outline of a person to this composition.



Shoes are objects we use every day. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and are used for different functions. For example, there are indoor shoes and outdoor shoes, and there are seasonal boots and summer sandals. What does your favourite shoe look like?

Make a still-life drawing of your shoe, or photograph it. What could you add to your composition to make it stand out? A vivid colour surface on which the shoe sits? Or could you transform it: make it into something else, such as a container for a house plant?

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