Wow, a Cow!

Drawing activity suitable for all ages.

Kathleen Jean Munn, Untitled (Cows on a Hillside)

Kathleen Jean Munn, Untitled (Cows on a Hillside)

Kathleen Munn (1887-1974), Untitled (Cows on a Hillside), c. 1916, oil on canvas, 78.7 x 104.1 cm, AGO Purchased with funds donated by Susan and Greg Latremoille, Toronto, 2006, 2006/85

About Kathleen Munn

“I believe in myself, since it is all I have.” —Kathleen Munn, c. 1925

Kathleen Munn (1887–1974) was an early adopter of modern art in Canada. Yet, during her lifetime, Munn existed on the outskirts of the Canadian art scene. Known for her reimagining of typical subjects – landscapes, animals, still lifes and even biblical themes – Munn’s artistic language is bold, colourful and uniquely her own.


Detail detective

How many cows are hiding in this painting? HINT: some of them blend into the background.* (Find the answer in the PDF activity card, below).


Does the patchwork of colours in this painting remind you of anything?

What animals live in your neighbourhood?

In this painting, Canadian artist Kathleen Munn takes a classic scene of cows in a field and transforms it into a patchwork of bright colours. What animals live in your neighbourhood? And what kinds of animals live on a farm? Draw them using some of the colours you see in this painting. Have fun!

  • If you have access to a printer, print the activity card.

  • If you do not have access to a printer, follow along and draw your artworks using paper you have available at home.

  • Make your artwork as realistic or not as you wish!

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