Art Cart

Saturdays & Sundays 11 am - 4 pm in various gallery locations

We invite you to stimulate your curiosity about art amongst our masterworks in our galleries. Our two AGO Art Carts offer unique and ever-changing multi-generational experiential, sensory and hands-on activities. A roving maker station, we are located in the galleries each month. Join us to draw, paint watercolours, sculpt, complete art puzzles, play a game, read a book, explore art through the senses and more! Get a little messy and creative as you look more deeply and closely at artworks on the walls. And be inspired to make new artworks of your own keeping

The Art Cart maker activity is 'finish the drawing' and baroque style gilded portraits. Start with only a head and hands and finish the drawing with watercolours, or gold and silver pencils, making either a fun piece or a more realistic rendering of a portrait. Upload your masterpieces with #AGOmakes on Instagram or Twitter, or see what others are making in the Galleries.

The sensory Art Cart activities focus on texture and sensory exploration through sound, touch, smell and sight. Through a variety of facilitated and takeaway activities, visitors of all ages will explore the multi-sensory nature of art-making. Unique activities allow you to sign out a "Smell Kit" and explore works of art through smell, or a "Touch Kit" that encourages hands-on exploration of works through the use of raised line drawings while standing in front of those original works of art.

Come experience art in a whole new way!

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