Close Looking: Kathleen Munn

Join Georgiana Uhlyarik, Fredrik S. Eaton Curator of Canadian Art and author of Kathleen Munn: Life and Work, with Stephanie Barnes, 2018/2019 Koerner Conservation Fellow, for a close look at recent acquisition Untitled (Portrait of a Seated Woman) by Kathleen Munn (1887-1974).

Learn how analysis, technical imaging, and archival research, is shedding new light on Munn’s unique artistic process, advancing the study of Munn and expanding ideas of modern art in Canada in early decades of the 20th C.

Want more Munn? The AGO is the leading centre for the study of Kathleen Munn, thanks to her family’s generous donation of her notebooks, paintbox and lightbox, along with hundreds of sketches. Learn more here: AGO Insider - Beneath the Surface and Rebels and Iconoclasts: Georgiana Uhlyarik on Kathleen Munn

Close Looking: Kathleen Munn
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