Seamus Gallagher

NSCAD University
Seamus Gallagher, born 1995 in Moncton, New Brunswick, is a queer photographer and multimedia artist currently finishing their Bachelor of Fine Arts at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Their work explores themes of identity and performativity with a focus on self-portraiture. Through the use of constructing sets for each of their images, and focusing on the body language of the subject, Gallagher creates colourful photographic work in which they and the environment are given equal weight. Originally an English Literature major at McGill University, Gallagher often weaves text into their photographic work through the use of clothing, paper, and temporary tattoos. Gallagher’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and across Canada.

Seamus Gallagher, Playhouse Series, 2017, Digital Photography

Seamus Gallagher, Playhouse Series, 2017, Digital Photography
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