Curtiss Randolph

Ryerson University
Curtiss Randolph was born in Toronto in 1994. Currently, he is studying at Ryerson University pursuing a BFA in Photography. Curtiss constructs scenes as either tableau or staged documentary narratives and merges the plains of realism, surrealism, and gonzo journalism together. Having grown up in a theatre, the elements of stage production crept into his working process early on and helped set up a foundation for himself. Using the viewers’ preconceived notion of documentary style images to his advantage, Curtiss is able to question ideas of fact and fiction in the photographic medium. Semi-autobiographical storytelling has taken the lead role in Curtiss' work. Artist's such as Moya Garrison, Stan Douglas, Park Chan-wook, and Taiyō Matsumoto all offer inspiration for Curtiss' creative process.

Curtiss Randolph, The Bathurst Theater, 2017, Gelatin Silver Print

Curtiss Randolph, The Bathurst Theater
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