James Malzahn

University of Manitoba
James Malzahn is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work draws on his extensive background in Internet technology and data forensics. He views technology as an artistic collaborator and an essential feature of his practice. His work proposes links between human perception and corrupted digital imagery, advancing a critique of state surveillance and the abuse of technology by government agents. Recent works expose mounting threats to privacy, aesthetically and functionally embedding photography, painting, print, video and installation with [surveillance and security] technology to visualize omnipresent and corrupt government entities. Image loss and data corruption function to create unsettled atmospheres, to mimic the workings of corrupt systems, to [paradoxically] re-humanize digital images and to create momentary disruptions that prompt viewers to pause and reconsider the content. Malzahn has been the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards including the Takao Tanabe Scholarship in Painting, and his work has appeared in juried solo and curated group exhibitions. He is currently completing a BFA Honours degree at the University of Manitoba.

James Malzahn, Glitched Perceptions #1, 2014, 18.5”x 26”, C-print 

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist James
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