Philip Ocampo

OCAD University
With his work, Philip Ocampo sifts through intersections of identity, culture, and power. Seeing art making as a tool for self introspection, Ocampo uses personal narratives as a medium to examine the larger issues that not only affect himself, but the world at large. Stories concerning privilege, representation, queerness and family, are used as empathetic links, connecting the individual to the many. Stemming from an interest in the charged symbolism and language associated with existing objects, he alters, arranges, and rearranges the readymade to suggest new ways of communication; new stories to be told. Artworks are epilogues under the hand of Ocampo's storytelling: Unoccupied, lingering spaces which appear to have been previously active act as constructed illustrations of lived experiences. He primarily works in sculpture, installation, illustration and animation.

Philip Ocampo, Hail Mary / De Profundis, 2015, audio, wood and paper

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist Philp
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