Nedda Baba

York University
Nedda Baba, born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1993, is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art at York University. She has participated in several group exhibitions and collaborative projects in Toronto. In 2014, she was nominated as a finalist for The State Hermitage Museum Young Artists Program. Her work explores the constructed notions of an Assyrian (Iraqi Christian) identity in diaspora as it relates to femininity, family, religion, and politics. Inspired by the practice of cultural preservation, she questions the nature of the customs and traditions that her family has strived to maintain, while also exploring ideas associated with loss and memory in migration itself. Baba’s multifaceted view on these topics is shaped by the subjectivities that stem from her Eastern origins combined with her upbringing in the West. Her practice vacillates between staged studio pieces using mementos from her childhood and constructed images using vernacular photographs from her family archive.

Nedda Baba, 1/12, from the series Home, 2015, 11" x 14", Inkjet

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist Needa
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