Emily Kohlert

University of Saskatchewan
Emily M. Kohlert is a 21-year-old artist currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK. She specializes in photography and printmaking. She began shooting film photography seven years ago, hired often to take promotional and live photos of bands, as well as shooting for hobby. Mainly, she photographs with film and is well-versed in 35mm, medium and large format, and darkroom editing and printing. Now, fine art photography, graphic design, and screen print are the areas she focuses on. The concepts she brings to life with her fine art photography are self reflective, illustrative, and overflowing with emotion. After discovering the digital medium, poster and album art design have become a focus as well. She started a graphic design business one year ago by the name of Dandy Lion, and her design work is based in photography, having explored photo merging.

Emily M. Kohlert, Sudden Dark Truths, 2014, 20" x 16”, Archival pigment print of photographed negative

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist Emily
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