Louis-Alex Lavoie

l’Université du Québec à Montréal
Louis-Alex Lavoie is a performance artist, dancer, artist and writer from Montreal who’s currently completing a degree in visual and media arts at l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Between reality and fiction, his artistic practice explores the construction of an identity related to the context and the scene suggested in his photographs. By using personal experiences and exposing them to the public eye without revealing too much, he tries to question his own background experiences through the ignorance of his models. He focuses on the individual stories of each photographic portrait, which try to convey the existence of its subject. The perspective created by taking a picture intensifies the importance of every detail by seeing it from a alternate point of view. The result of said process refers to past events, which place the audience face to face with its memories.

Louis-Alex Lavoie, Trouver une manière de dire qu'on a aimé ça, mais qu'on recommencerais pas une deuxième fois, 2015, 30" x 40", Photographie argentique couleur

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist Louis
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