D'arcy Way

NSCAD University
D’Arcy Way, born in Toronto and currently living in Halifax while completing his BFA at NSCAD University, focuses on the idea that the all matter and energy in the universe tends to evolve towards a state of uniformity. Combining the philosophies of photography, scientific evidence, natural processes and social economic problems, often with a technical hands-on approach. Through photographic landscapes he has questioned our perception of the world, the wonder of deep time, and various ever-changing forms of water with the interaction between states. Way continuously looks to push the use of photographic apparatuses to create new ways of viewing our environment. His most recent work explores photographs as objects while creating the illusion of three-dimensional space. Presenting the compressed flat plane of photography as transparent sculptural installations. His works impose the questioning of our interaction with technology and that our perspectives can be constantly changed.

D’Arcy Way, Isolation in Progress, 2015, 8" x 10" x 1.5", photography and sculpture

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist D'arcy
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