Chadman Wong

University of British Columbia
Chadman Wong is currently completing his BFA in Visual Arts and Art History at the University of British Columbia. His work is primarily concerned with trying to establish a relationship between cultural identity and artistic identity through referring to his own personal life while alluding to aspects of art history. In his third year of University, he was a part of Kinetica, the first student group-show held in the new Art History and Visual Arts (AHVA) Gallery. More recently, Wong’s essay: Monet: The Ephemeral and Ruskin’s “Truth to Nature” was published in the Undergraduate Journal of Art History. Utilizing both photography and video, Wong attempts to make sense of both the immigrant experience, as one that is linked to personal history, and the preservation of cultural traditions. He also wishes to express the struggles of being a child of an immigrant family, who is trying to form their own identity.

Chadman Wong, Body In Landscape In Body, 2014, 2’ 4” x 1’ 6”, Photograph

Aimia Photo Prize Scholarship Finalist Chadman
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