Maisha Marshall-Ende

OCAD University
Maisha Marshall-Ende is an Ethiopian-Canadian photographer and videographer. She is entering her fourth year at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University in Toronto. Her work explores black culture in contemporary society, focusing on black women. She draws inspiration from her own life, noticing the daily challenges and experiences unique to women of colour. Her understanding of race has been shaped by growing up in Ethiopia. In her experience, black Canadians that have grown up within a racially-charged and subtly oppressive system can become almost numb to it. As she moved to Canada as an adult, she already had expectations about how a black woman should be able to operate in the world. Thus, the sudden changes around her were a shock to the system. Now she uses her artwork as a tool to better understand racism and as a platform to ensure that it is addressed.

Maisha Marshall-Ende, Skin: My Skin, 2016, 24" x 36", Photograph Printed on Cold Press Matte Paper 

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